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Q: How long will my vehicle take to repair?

A: This all depends on the extent of the damage, the speed of the authority, parts availability and any delays that may arise, such as supplementary damage. However as soon as we receive authority, an estimated completion date is calculated and is available on our repair tracker page.

Q: What delays can occur during the repair process?

A: It is unfortunate when delays happen, however we aim to get your vehicle back on the road as soon as we can. We may have delays on parts, or if an engineer wants to inspect the vehicle before repairs commence. There could also be damage on the vehicle that was not originally assessed as it was not seen at first or was behind other damaged parts. In this case a supplementary estimate must be compiled and sent for authorisation.

Q: What happens if I am not happy with the repairs authorised by my insurance company?

A: Your insurance policy will only cover the damage caused in the accident or incident. The repairs are approved by your insurer’s engineers or the third parties engineers’ dependant on who was at fault. We can arrange a quotation for you for the non-accident related damage however this will be billed on a separate, private invoice. If you are unhappy with the authorised assessment, you will have to contact the authorising insurance company immediately.

Q: Who is responsible for the courtesy car supplied by RS Motors?

A: In most cases you will have to cover the courtesy car with your own insurance policy, in this case we require a cover note from your insurer to prove the cover on our vehicle. If this is not possible, we have a system where we can supply you cover on the courtesy car under our insurance for a small cost. Any excesses on your policy will be applied to the courtesy vehicle.

Q: Who can drive the courtesy car?

A: The only person/people who can drive the courtesy car are those listed on your existing policy, even under our insurance. If you wish to add an additional person to your policy you will need to contact the insurance provider or ourselves if you are on our policy.

Q: What if I wanted additional work done (privately), could it be done at the same time as the insurance work?

A: When your vehicle is booked in for repair, it is probably the best time to have additional repairs carried out as we will provide you with highly preferential rates. This will save you time and money if you were to bring it in on a different occasion.

Q: What happens if my vehicle is deemed a total loss?

A: If your vehicle is deemed a total loss by the insurance company they will contact you immediately. They will then give you some options as to what to do next. We have no control of these options. Once your insurer has made a decision, we will then be instructed by the insurance provider to release the vehicle.